Make Some Noise


Make Some Noise is a funny, powerful poetry show – with an accompanying book full of rhymes, cartoons and puzzles, aimed at young theatre goers and readers!

Make Some Noise has been created and printed with wonderful support from Z Arts and Big Imaginations.

To buy the book direct from Dommy B, please go to the contact me page of my site

Here are a couple of sneak peaks from inside!

Making this show and book has been so much fun. It is full of silliness, adventure and poems which I have loved writing!

The show is available for further dates touring theatres, arts centres, festivals – even performances for schools in morning assembly!

“We loved having Dominic in school… This was a rare show that delighted and engaged Reception Class, challenged KS1’s preconceptions, got Year 6 involved and interested and had the adults in stitches too. An author visit that feels more like a comedy show, but still has the children asking thoughtful questions. Highly recommended.”

Jane Astrid Devane, Headteacher
Shire Oak Primary School

Noise can be gentle, quiet, loud, lots of fun and full of feelings.

The Make Some Noise show and book share a surprising story about growing up, finding a brilliant (but naughty) imaginary friend, becoming ‘Junk the Punk’ and joining a great school band (Whizzkid and the Veggie Burgers)!

This is a celebration of the power of sound and friendship.

Contact Dominic via the contact me page of this site for bookings, questions or to buy your own copy of the Make Some Noise book!

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