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“I wanted to say a BIG thank you for the poetry workshop you did with my class … never have my children swallowed up poetry like they did after your workshop. They came back to school and got stuck into your books like I’ve never seen before! Mission Accomplished!”

Miss Collings, Teacher,

Kirkstall ST Stephen’s CE Primary School, 2015

Dominic is a fully insured and licensed workshop facilitator, with specific skill in working with vulnerable people and people with learning difficulties.


One possible approach Dominic often takes when visiting schools is to begin with a performance of poetry in a school assembly. Dominic is used to performing for small groups or halls of 200 children.


Dominic’s assembly performances use a lot of jokes and audience interaction.

Many of the poems are deliberately half finished, and the pupils are invited to contribute ideas to help complete the poetry with their own imaginations.

Dominic is quick thinking and an expert at improvising, speedily crafting rhythmic verse which incorporates all the students throw at him!

The poetic tales always incorporate a moral; examples include environmental, bullying, animal welfare and working together as a team.


After performing, Dominic is great at going to individual classes and either engaging in leading individual writing exercises, or creating group poems by the whole class.

The latter option involves Dominic demonstrating the process of

– drafting ideas

– listing of possible content and rhymes

– choosing a topic and staying on topic / avoiding forced rhymes

– syllable count and making rhyming couplets work within the chosen rhythm.

Dominic can craft with the class a poem on any subject that they are currently working on, for example the solar system, Greek myths, Aztecs, local history – anything!

The lesson concludes with tips on delivery and children speaking the new words with strong diction, volume, body language and confidence!

Some of Dominic’s recent longer term projects included

  • running a series of workshops with adults creating WW1 centenary poetry in Chester throughout 2015.
  • creating a striking gallery exhibition and street performances through school and sheltered accommodation workshops in Newcastle  2013 to 2014.
  • developing eye-catching community poetry on building site hoardings through schools and older people’s groups in Northwich 2013 to 2014.

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For bookings or further information on workshop events, please phone 07804 745 079 or email me.


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