for children and families:

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(‘Aaaaaaaaaaaaagh! Dinosaurs!’ by Dominic was also one of Fest magazine’s Top 8 shows for families of the 2016 Edinburgh Fringe – the only solo show to make their list!)

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for adults:

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“Really very inspiring. I love the seriousness and the humour.”

Benjamin Zephaniah 

“Dominic is an exceptional force in the poetry and spoken word scene.”

John McGrath  Artistic Director, National Theatre Wales and Manchester International Festival

“From the moment he started to speak we were totally captivated- the incredible way he uses words, the expression and energy of the delivery and the subject matter made him irresistible.”

City Life Magazine

“Exuberant, lively, expressive and totally nuts, Dominic owns the stage.”

Writers Connect

“A fine example of the burgeoning talent that crackles through Manchester’s creative scene. Dominic Berry, at the forefront of the movement, is doing a fantastic job of putting Manchester firmly on the national poetry map.”

Matt Tuckey – ‘Power Is a State of Mind’ online review

Selection of comments after family shows: 

So much enthusiasm. Kids were in awe of the energy! Great job.”  Teacher from Manchester

Wonderful show – kept the children’s (and adults) attention the whole time.” Teacher from Newcastle

Brilliant! Didn’t think my son would manage an hour – but he was mesmerized!”  Sally, Mum from Cumbria

My only criticism is not being warned to wear waterproof mascara, I laughed so hard!”  Lydia, Mum from Preston

Epic and humorous!”    Ridwan, 11

“Absolutely fantastic”    Dan, 7